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Leverage data
to personalize and
your conversions

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Orchestrate your brand interactions across all channels
and deliver personalized one-on-one experience at full scale

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Three solutions to enhance
every stage of your marketing funnel

Analyze your audience opportunities and reveal consumer behavior, personality, habits, needs, lifestyle and more!

Individualize and coordinate your
communication on different touch points unifying data and marketing systems.

Unlock the value of your audience with a self-adapting strategy powered by deep learning algorithms and boost your ROI.

Three products to expand
user acquisition, retention, and growth

Identify, enrich, and segment your data for prospects and existing clients with 9 AI services with a capacity of up to 300 variables per profile.

Collect, unify, and connect all your data sources that trigger marketing messages which are timely, consistent, relevant, and automated across all your channels.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, optimize your bidding strategy for programmatic advertising, to enable you to acquire the best audience or capture the full value of every impression.

NextUser solves challenges for…


Improve each interaction by creating micro- and macro-conversion


Reveal your client segmentation, and explore new market opportunities and strategies


Collect, integrate, and activate large internal and external datasets for customization


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