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About Us


Our mission :
Innovating from necessity, not just desire !

In the quest to pioneer innovation, we ignited our journey by tackling the complexities we encountered firsthand. It was this very itch for progress that gave rise to NextUser back in 2013. Fast forward a year, and amid a sea of over two thousand startups, IBM Watson acknowledged our ingenuity at the XTC Challenge witnessed by Richard Branson and a few VIPs on his private Island. Our beacon? A robust AI framework that now lies at the core of our products is designed to enhance research and sharpen the targeting precision. 

Our daily routine :
Delivering AI-powered navigation for dynamic market landscapes

It’s a relentless pursuit of understanding through AI predictions, public data, and social networks, extracting insights into consumer behavior and distilling the essence of market trends. With these insights, we don’t just hand businesses a compass; we provide them with a sophisticated GPS to navigate the marketing landscape, seize growth opportunities, and maintain a competitive stance in an ever-shifting market. 

Our team :
Forging tomorrow's marketing frontiers

Comprising more than 20 prophets, our team represents a vibrant mosaic of talents and histories, converging to redefine the digital marketing kingdom. Operating out of five global offices, we blend data science prowess with digital marketing, fostering an environment ripe for innovation and collaboration. This unique synergy positions us as trusted partners to industry giants like IBM, consistently surpassing client expectations with our expertise. 

Our vision :
Catalyzing marketing performance through cutting-edge tools

We champion the belief that the essence of effective marketing thrives on creativity. Our suite of tools is engineered to amplify performance, guiding marketers to craft campaigns that not only captivate but also elevate key performance indicators. By tapping into the heartbeat of current trends, we equip our clients to deliver content that resonates deeply, forging strong relationships and driving powerful engagement. 

Advantages of partnering with us

Cost-effective with proven ROI

Experience a budget-friendly approach that delivers substantial results at a lower cost, with a measurable return on investment.

Fast-track campaign deployment

Witness a dramatic upsurge in research development speed—a twelvefold increase. We excel in rapidly materializing digital campaigns, typically in a few weeks, covering both advertising and personalization dimensions.

AI-driven targeting precision

Utilize sophisticated AI systems that process extensive data swiftly. This provides instant insights, ensuring precise targeting of vast user bases effectively and at scale.

Seamless integration

Our platform effortlessly integrates with existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to your current operations.

Continuous learning

Our AI doesn’t just target; it learns and adapts, constantly refining its approach based on real-time data, ensuring ever-improving campaign effectiveness.

Our values

Commitment to transparency, accountability, and data-driven excellence


Revel in clarity and integrity in every interaction. We ensure you’re always in the loop, building a foundation of trust and cooperative success.


Expect a culture of responsibility. We embrace our mistakes, viewing them as opportunities for growth and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Target the right place to increase revenue and optimize time

Anticipate extraordinary standards. Our ambition is to consistently surpass your expectations, refining our services to elevate beyond the ordinary.


Reap the rewards of data-driven strategies. Our commitment to analytics over assumption guides informed, success-oriented decisions.


Welcome a constant stream of pioneering ideas. Our passion for innovation keeps us at the forefront, continuously offering novel, effective solutions.

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Entrust Your Growth to Professionals

NextUser combined with IBM Watson, delivers the next level of personalization for eCommerce & Retail companies based upon users behaviors, sentiments, and transactions.

Tina Davar

CEO, Business Co.

Our partnership with NextUser has been tremendously successful. The online marketing landscape is constantly evolving and NextUser helps us meet, and exceed, the marketing demands of our company and customers.

Ben Bartels


NextUser is a service that I wish were around when I was building my first startup.

Will Bunker

Partner, GrowthX Capital & Co-Founder,
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5 offices in 4 countries

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