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How Artificial Intelligence solve the Paradox of Choice for Retail & e-Commerce?

With $1.55 trillion worldwide in 2015, the e-Commerce industry is growing fast,  and so is the presence of  Artificial Intelligence, with $5.05 billion forecasted by 2020. Both of them are really tied together. User Experience with Artificial Intelligence can solve a universal common challenge: the “Paradox of Choice”. While shopping, consumers are confronted to a broad range of

From Search to Assistance… How Voice & Artificial Intelligence will disrupt Retail & E-Commerce?

Source: – Guillaume Bacuvier, VP Advertising Solutions, EMEA at Google Last week, on March 23rd, e-Commerce One To One Monaco revealed the vision of Guillaume Bacuvier, VP Advertising Solutions, EMEA at Google. During the keynote organized by Ingrid Fillon, he explained the technical disruption that will impact Google Search, Retail and eCommerce players in the coming

How to complete user data with Artificial Intelligence? Meet personality prediction and personalize marketing in 1:1

The perfect solution is to serve each user individually. The problem? There are 7 billion of them Out of the quantitative data providing behavioral, situational and transactional information, it’s critical to understand the quantitative information including the psychology of individuals. They have intrinsic traits that can be recognized and used to predict future behavior. Social

How to build on Marketing Cloud?
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Mass marketing and advertising aren’t working for you anymore? Not easy to achieve your end of quarter… You are trying to adopt the next marketing technology in the noisy landscape but you’re not successful and fast enough against your competition. What about integrating all your data and marketing systems together? Sounds to good to be

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