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For Decision-Making

Reveal your client segmentation, and explore
new market opportunities and strategies
Infer New Data Insights with AI

Uncover a deeper understanding of your customers

Extrapolate up to 300 variables from public and social media information. Uncover user’s daily routine and create individualized personalization with dynamic and customizable messages.

Convert with Relevant and Multiple Touch Points

Unified orchestration drives efficiency

By synchronizing 4 to 7 data and marketing solutions executed into a marketing sequence, you can enhance your conversions.
On average, according to Kantar TNS, consumers come in contact with a brand 3.6 times before they make a purchase. Around 50% of these contacts (1.7) are happening online.

Boost Performance and Measure ROI

Demonstrated results via A/B test

Success is measured by an A/B test with a control version (without NextUser) and an experiment version (with NextUser). The performance is directly tagged in your analytics system measuring primary KPI (i.e., click on a button) and secondary KPIs (i.e., conversation rate, AOV, number of SKUs per cart).

Expand user acquisition, retention, and growth




User engagement


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