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From Search to Assistance… How Voice & Artificial Intelligence will disrupt Retail & E-Commerce?

Source: – Guillaume Bacuvier, VP Advertising Solutions, EMEA at Google

Last week, on March 23rd, e-Commerce One To One Monaco revealed the vision of Guillaume Bacuvier, VP Advertising Solutions, EMEA at Google. During the keynote organized by Ingrid Fillon, he explained the technical disruption that will impact Google Search, Retail and eCommerce players in the coming years.

The Google device (aka Home Assistant) is the web browser of the future as seen in the picture above. Indeed this new technology is able to act like a human personal assistant upon voice requests. The worldwide Search Engine is challenged to think about innovative ways to become more personalized and accurate in facilitating your life like an assistant would do.

Everything gets easier and faster. No more need to be on a computer, mobile or tablet as it is now possible to use Google seamlessly. Businessmen or Millennials are going to embrace this new personal robot assistant.

As mentioned two weeks ago by Vincent Ducrey, co-founder at Hub Institute, in a webinar about the same topichere are the last technologies bonding Humanity with Machine overtime:

· 1960: Keyboard => the Machine transposes thoughts of human to deliver a formal message.
· 1968: Mouse => the Machine receives a signal of humans from mouse gestures and gets the right message.
· 2007: Finger prints => The Machine is able to recognize identity of human from distinctive senses.
· 2015: Gesture => the Machine is able to detect moves of human and correlate with identity.

Gradually each technology brought precision in terms of personalized assistance. Firstly, the purpose was about delivering the right message but the Machine was limited to transposing Human’s thoughts. Henceforth the Machine is able to interact with human to create a smart way to be still closer. Finger prints and the recognition of gesture were capable of proving this theory. In the future, the latest performing technology will be the voice.

Apple was the pioneer within this interface by implementing “Siri’’ in 2010 only running on iPhone and Tablets but it was just the premise of something much bigger. This intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator disrupted humans’ behavior since the purpose of this program is to assist people in their daily life by giving individual features such as weather, time, stock, day, etc. in real time.

Beside this application can send a message or make a call from a given order of people. This whole process is possibly by voice capture. However Apple is no longer the only one in the field since other Giants from the tech industry created their own intelligent personal assistant as Microsoft with Cortana, Amazon with Alexa or IBM with IBM Watson and its partners like Nextuser.

Nowadays many devices have been manufacturing within home control assistant, video games (Kinect) or cars assistance. But what about e-Commerce? 66% of people are interested in a vocal assistant without using it or start using it regularly. Which means people are mostly ready to step ahead to this new Artificial Intelligence tool. According to Gartner, the sales made through vocal assistants would exceed €2.1 billion of revenue.

NextUser via IBM Watson created its own AI used to implement a 1:1 marketing tool in order to personalize consumer’s experience. Able to interact on multiple industries it is perfectly linked to Google’s approach since Nextuser’s solution aims at making consumer’s life easier and cater their needs as accurately as possible.

In this way this young and pioneer start-up in predictive analysis brings a real value to eCommerce retailers since the request of the consumer will only focus on one action which is straight to the point, according to Google. It is no longer about reaching a request step by step but what people are looking for in real time. Within a more connected world, people cannot wait anymore and sometimes give priority to availability of a product or service rather than quality or price. But also, consumers look for new experiences to live or share. For a longtime the experiential marketing did matter in luxury industry but nowadays consumers need to feel pampered. A specific mood, unique experience and feel affiliated to the brand’s universe makes the attachment stronger.

Nextuser is capable of offering all of these features via Artificial Intelligence and predictive analysis. First, the front end piece consisting in making a request to a vocal interface to create a relationship between the consumer and the machine and bring the consumer up to the order. However there is also a back end piece. Indeed thanks to a lot of collected and analyzed web data it can recreate the user’s path and set up a frame based on what they like, their habits, their hates and so on. For example with Nespresso, NextUser has been imagining which type of pods the consumer would order based on their personality and behavior. Besides with L’Oréal, the Artificial Intelligence recreates the consumer’s typology in order to isolate all of their specific features and make then recommendations of products, pertinent articles and so on.

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