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How to complete user data with Artificial Intelligence? Meet personality prediction and personalize marketing in 1:1

The perfect solution is to serve each user individually. The problem? There are 7 billion of them

Out of the quantitative data providing behavioral, situational and transactional information, it’s critical to understand the quantitative information including the psychology of individuals.

They have intrinsic traits that can be recognized and used to predict future behavior.

Social media becomes a valuable source to find linguistic signals and predict personal traits. Personality Insights enables a deeper understanding of user’s personality characteristics, needs, values and consumption preferences.

With NextUser, it’s now possible to create hyper-personalized marketing campaigns in omnichannel by delivering 1:1 personalized offers & messages.

Tailoring Marketing in 1:1 according to users’ personality traits

To enhance engagement and conversation rate it’s to reach the right audience at the right time with the right products and messages. In this case, creative marketing campaign can enable the content to be determined by intrinsic preferences.

Here are a few examples of global segments:

  • Extraverts are sensitive to rewards and social attention
  • Agreeable users value communal goals and interpersonal harmony
  • Conscientious users praise achievement, order, and efficiency
  • Neurotic users are sensitive to threats and uncertainty
  • Open individuals look for intellectual stimulation and creativity

Dynamically identify and engage with high value customers from any text / verbatim like Social Media, blog posts, emails, customer support conversations, etc.

From Richard Branson in 2015 to SAP in 2017

It all started 3 years ago at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, NextUser was a finalist from among 2,000 competitors for the Extreme Tech Challenge to demonstrate the future of Artificial Intelligence to Sir Richard Branson at Necker Island in February 2015.

Alibris was the 1st commercial use worldwide of the new IBM Watson Personality Insights released in June 2015 – please refer to this PR release. NextUser built a database of 1,250 author quotes to submit more than 800 words for each Alibris author to Watson User Modeling API.

This week, NextUser was selected by SAP in France to show their 4th version of the Personality Insights. It’s now possible to determine 94 characteristics as you can see in the profile below of the CEO, Bill McDermott. The data visualization demonstrate the importance of each traits and 25 tips are provided associated to each “Big Five” characteristic.

Use cases by industry — from Retail to Finance

The most obvious case is customer care and insights by improving client satisfaction, preventing client retention by offering individualized value, reducing churn with real-time assistance, match agent and client for improved service.

Other possible use cases are:

  • Brand Analytics to streamline the marketing strategy, design more efficient promotions and campaigns and facilitate the marketing campaign planning.
  • Retail to improve customer segmentation and promotions, predict the next best action and identify quality leads.
  • Finance to match advisors to investors in wealth management

From Unilever Clear, to MET Gala in New-York including Adecco for recruitment, we have many use cases that would be interesting for you to consider. Feel free to contact us for more information and references.

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