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How to use Artificial Intelligence to understand retail or brand users? Inside the algorithm with use cases

Unilever Clear & MET Fashion Gala – use cases for Beauty Influencers & Clothes Designers 

In both cases, the main idea is to offer users a fun and easy way to interact with the Unilever Clear brand or MET Gala event so they are part of the experience.

For retail or brands, it enhances the CRM segmentation and user modeling based on their Personality Insights.

When identifying with Social Media, users are shown their 3 most suitable Beauty Influencers or Clothes Designer based on their personality.

This analysis can be used to create a two-way relationship with users.

One’s psychological traits can be compared and matched against someone else’s to create recommendations such as:

–       Users with each other – in Dating, HR or Cultural Activities (e.g., Adecco, Zazzle)

–       Users and product – type of coffee flavor from personality (e.g. Nespresso, Starbucks) or type of pet breed to adopt (e.g. Nestlé Purina, AdoptAPet)

–       Users and fashion designer (e.g. MET Gala, Net-A-Porter)

–       Users and influencers (e.g. Unilever Clear for Beauty, Spotify for Music, Netflix for TV shows)

How Social Media offer a rich layer of data to understand your clients?

To understand current clients, Social Media offer a rich layer of qualitative data for brands and retailers to complete the picture you get from both behavioral and transactional data.

With more sophisticated research, NextUser can easily provide a very granular picture of all the attributes of any customer: identity, shopping habits, topics they speak about along with associated emotions and personality insights.

Why is it useful for acquisition and content? 

Social Analytics and Listening represent one information stream but it’s the glue that will make you understand and access to other data sets such as the user’s lifestyle, location, habits, personality, etc.

With “look-alike” capabilities, this research can be used to identify audience targets based on a high engagement or lifetime value.  It will considerably optimizes the Return On Investment for both content and acquisition campaigns.

Lastly, as a brand or retailer, you can finally understand conversations that drive social engagement based on your customers’ preoccupations.

How did it all start?

Our first adventure with Artificial Intelligence started more than 2 years ago. In front of Richard Branson, IBM Watson selected NextUser among 2,000 startups to show the future of Artificial Intelligence.

Our initial prototype (v1) was set to compare 1,500 writers based on their quotes. As no personality summary was available to interpret the 52 trait percentage values, we worked in partnership with Narrative science to create sentences according to percentile provided by the API.

Here is a preview video below and the demo is still available at Alibris:

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