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Our mission

Consumers have changed. It’s time to harness the power of Internet and social networks by providing an “augmented knowledge” of your audience.

With digitalization accelerated by the pandemic, NextUser connects all your data to activate unique information about your brand and your online user’s journey.

By orchestrating content across every touchpoint, our marketing platform helps you to target, activate your core audience and customize every interaction.

Why NextUser

Combining AI, digital, and research market,
NextUser helps customers to build personalized digital experiences with extreme agility and speed

ROI & affordable cost

To personalize your website or mobile application as well as trigger new campaigns with your Email Service Provider (ESP), we leverage marketing connectors (API) and Tag Management solutions. This way, you focus your efforts on delivering ROI versus months of setup for typical marketing cloud suites.

Quick digital activation

A study requires coordination between departments, from 3 to 5 years to effectively implement a segmentation. With NextUser, it takes 3 months to activate it digitally using advertising and personalization.

Reliability & Scalability

Analytics tools do not build complete profiles of anonymous visitors, which represent 95 to 97% of visitors according to Google. Until the visitor self identifies by either buying, creating an account or signing up for newsletters, personalization often remains limited to ads retargeting. NextUser allows you to act on 100% of your users by maximizing user profiling and identifying both anonymous and identified users.

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Entrust Your Growth to Professionals

NextUser combined with IBM Watson, delivers the next level of personalization for eCommerce & Retail companies based upon users behaviors, sentiments, and transactions.

Tina Davar

CEO, Business Co.

Our partnership with NextUser has been tremendously successful. The online marketing landscape is constantly evolving and NextUser helps us meet, and exceed, the marketing demands of our company and customers.

Ben Bartels


NextUser is a service that I wish were around when I was building my first startup.

Will Bunker

Partner, GrowthX Capital & Co-Founder,
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