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Personalization Hub

Collect, unify, and connect all your data sources that trigger
marketing messages which are timely, consistent, relevant, and
automated across all your channels.
Connect 60+ Data and Marketing Tools

Synchronize your data and orchestrate your marketing funnel to leverage your existing systems and bridge the gap in your technology solutions. The Personalization Hub connects all of your solutions (website CMS or eCommerce platform, DMP, internal database, CRM, email, text message, social media).

Easy Setup and Management

You will be fully set up in five business days via a simple setup that takes advantage of advanced targeting (triggers and clustering technology). You’ll need to set up only a first-party website tag leveraging a tag management software or SDK for mobile. It will require only three hours per month for one team member to work with NextUser.

Real-time Personalization & Multi-step Omnichannel Campaign

When you use all the party data provided by your data source, you will be able to automate the entire user journey with trigger, based on specific persona, and goal, based on any data type (CRM, DMP, Internal Database, Chatbot…) or any data signal (browsing history, geolocation, weather, device, purchase, etc.).

Expand user acquisition, retention, and growth




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