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Prohibited content policy


The “NextUser” or “We” in CloudNCo, Inc. do not tolerate spam. Any unsolicited means of communication is considered as “Spam”. This implies that the client does not ask for it or does not have any professional connection with the sender.

The client account shall be terminated or removed if a client sends Spam. For any suspected abuse, please do not hesitate to contact us. When contacting us, please send us the email address of the client as well as the headers. If you no longer wish to receive any of email from the sender, it is recommended to follow the link that can be found at the bottom of the email. It is a link that can unsubscribe you from the newsletter. In addition, we will also be doing proper action against the email sender involved.

Only permission-based emails are allowed to be sent by all of our Service users. These emails are the ones that the recipients are aware of because they have opted-in on such service. The process of opting in enables the user to personally select only the products or services that they would like to subscribe in.

The opt-in can be through a sign-up form during a point-of-sale, sign-up form on the website of the client or via an actual paper of sign-up. Regardless of the permission status or source, such purchased lists may not be utilized within the system of NextUser.

Being a service user of NextUser, you are allowed to:

Send out newsletter or contents to those who opted to receive it. Send out generated emails of which actions are made through your website.

On the other hand, you cannot:

  • Collect emails from websites.
  • Buy lists regardless if they opted-in or not.
  • Lease lists.
  • Lend or borrow lists.
  • Use a subscription form that can make a user subscribed to an irrelevant list.
  • Send out contents or offers that are unrelated to the newsletter list.
  • Add a recipient to a list that is not permitted by the subscriber.
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