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Segmentation with AI

Identify, enrich, and segment your data for prospects
and existing clients with 9 AI services with a capacity of
up to 300 variables per profile.
Turn data into a 360 Social Profile

Using Artificial Intelligence, build a full contextual picture with 300+ individual variables. In this way, you will augment your knowledge and uncover qualitative information reflecting all psychological, sociological and demographical insights: image recognition, personality insights, triangulation, text and emotional analysis, etc.

Predict User Personality

With the NLP (Natural Language Processing) using any text input of 500 words minimum, go into the AI technology in-depth, and accurately predict the user personality traits, fundamental needs, human values, interests and consumption preferences that will improve acquisition performance by up to ~ 670%.

Build Data-driven Personas

AI technology will assist you with building multiple clusters defined by their own characteristics, with real insight for optimizing the consumer journey. Given the high number of characteristics, creating perfect groups would lead to 100+ homogenous groups.

Expand user acquisition, retention, and growth




User engagement


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