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Step-by-step approach

NextUser's Edge: Shaping the future of AI segmentation and acquisition campaign

Discover a revolutionary approach that merges cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology with a deep understanding of consumer behavior, setting new benchmarks in customer engagement and data-driven marketing solutions. Understand how innovative strategies are transforming businesses, driving remarkable growth, and reshaping the digital landscape. 

Fast-track to custom audience campaigns: Segmentation in weeks, not months!

NextUser offers you a swift and efficient process for launching your marketing campaign, detailing a timeline from the initial touchpoint to the first campaign analytics. 

Your journey begins five weeks before the launch, starting with a high-level pitch and engaging with clients through an NDA, followed by a validation session. In the weeks leading up to the launch, you’ll experience meticulous preparation of a PRM (Prospect Relationship Management), cluster segmentation, and landing page personalization, with flexibility built into the schedule for any necessary adjustments. 

Your campaign starts on solid ground, and its progress is closely monitored, with the first bi-weekly report delivered in the third week. 

Additionally, here are two 60-second videos that visually explain the process, offering a clear overview of a campaign, one tailored for B2C and the other for B2B. 

Augmented Segmentation with AI – process, and steps with timeline

Mastering PRM: The key to efficient prospect management

NextUser empowers you with a robust database of contacts, sourced from over 20 data providers enriched with AI, showcasing its expansive reach tailored to your needs. 

Beginning with this foundation, the scalability of the services is designed to adapt to the unique demands of each client. Your campaign’s success is ensured through a rigorous validation process. This includes advanced lead form integrations within major platforms and a sharp analysis of direct website interactions, all tailored to your specific goals. 

The effectiveness of this approach is exemplified by the collaboration with Schneider Electric, illustrated below, which provided insightful data on both micro and macro conversion rates. The ease of integrating these processes with your existing CRM and ERP infrastructure highlights a commitment to a seamless client experience. 

The document you will receive offers a detailed walkthrough of the launch strategy, reflecting a dedication to precision and accountability in every campaign you undertake. This approach is proven to deliver measurable results, having achieved an impressive 10.6 ROI for every $1 spent on NextUser services and boosting eCommerce sales by 34%, demonstrating the tangible impact on your business growth. 

How to optimize your online (CRM) and offline (ERP) sales from a new PRM database

The art of precision: data-driven segmentation and targeting for maximum impact

B2C: Personalized consumer engagement through advanced customer segmentation 

Next User aids in crafting a more nuanced level of segmentation for the acquisition of new customers for your business. It targets individual consumers based on a variety of criteria including age, gender, income level, lifestyle, interests, browsing behavior, and purchase history. The data is sourced from a wide array of platforms including social media, e-commerce websites, CRM systems, customer surveys, and website interactions.  

Your marketing campaigns are refined with personalized product recommendations, aiming for a shorter sales cycle to achieve immediate results, and maintaining a moderate CPA between $5 and $10. 

Check this video for more information: B2C

B2B: Strategic business lead generation via targeted industry and professional segmentation 

With Next User, your business is equipped to implement clear and straightforward segmentation strategies for building clusters and generating new leads. Catering to businesses and organizations, the segmentation parameters are fine-tuned to your needs, encompassing industry type, job title, company size, geographical location, annual revenue, and purchasing power. 

The data is meticulously sourced from business directories, industry databases, and professional networks. Your marketing approach is enhanced with personalized communication and tailored sales pitches, designed for a longer and more complex sales cycle, accommodating a higher CPA range from $50 to $1,000. 

Check this video for more information: B2B 

Comparative analysis of segmentation criteria in B2B and B2C markets

Blueprint for success: Unveiling the ultimate launch document & media strategy

NextUser’s media strategy offers you the pinnacle of targeted precision, enhancing your acquisition campaigns with thorough personalization. This multifaceted strategy begins with creating custom audiences, leveraging insights from your CRM and market analysis.  

Out of the “Custom Audiences”, you’re then provided with a proposed media plan, forming the cornerstone of your advertising campaigns in collaboration with content creation efforts. 

Your approach becomes dynamic, featuring flexible budget allocation that adapts based on real-time performance data, maximizing the effectiveness of your resource investment across various channels. Starting with a suggested budget of $500 per cluster per month, you’re encouraged to share your budget constraints and campaign timelines for optimal alignment. 

Furthermore, the content creation strategy includes the innovative use of dynamic creative optimization, ensuring your content is not only varied but also hyper-personalized. This results in unique visuals and messaging that deeply resonate with each specific cluster in your campaign. 

Revolutionizing advertising: Strategies and KPIs for next-level results

Your advertising refinement starts with engaging a broad audience via Meta’s impression-based platforms. As users show readiness to act, you can shift focus to Google’s conversion-centric, click-based approach, targeting those with a high likelihood to purchase. This dual-platform strategy enables you to track the customer journey from initial awareness to purchase intent, capturing both social interactions and direct ad responses. 

The evolution of your ‘custom audience’ strategy through continuous analytical refinement transforms engagement from a linear process to a cyclical interaction. This involves retargeting non-converters and nurturing them through the sales funnel. 

Case studies like Ideal Supply’s, which monitors social interactions (likes, shares, comments) and direct ad clicks leading to landing pages, underscore the effectiveness of this approach. By tracking social engagements and ad-driven traffic, indicators of increased awareness and emerging purchase intent are identified. This drives a strategy that effectively converts engagement into tangible sales outcomes. 

How to launch a campaign on media platforms
Results of Ideal Supply’s media campaign

Decoding buyer signals: The insider's guide to identifying purchase intentions.

Refine your approach to better understand customer needs using public and social data, by analyzing comprehensive profile information. This includes psychographic, demographic, and sociological aspects, as well as indicators of life changes or specific interests. 

Improve your targeting by monitoring life milestones that may trigger related consumer behaviors, such as job changes, marriages, or relocations.  

Detect market engagement through social media signals like hashtags on competing brands or interest categories. Delve deeper by analyzing the use of keywords for more context beyond hashtags and observing user interactions with brands to discern preferences. Additionally, track engagement within online communities that correspond to specific user interests or needs. 

AI decodes your consumers with psychological, sociological and demographic data

Breaking new ground: How our tools surpass the competition in adding value

For an enhanced advertising strategy, shift from relying on costly keywords and unstable cookie-based third-party data to utilizing public data to create “custom audiences”, seamlessly integrating across platforms like Meta, DV360, LinkedIn, and TikTok. 

This strategy encompasses the entire advertising process: 

  • Targeting: Concentrate on specific segments or personas identified through your data analysis. 
  • Ad Creative & Call-to-Action: Customize ad content and calls-to-action to connect with the targeted audience’s lifestyle, interests, or needs. 
  • Landing Page Personalization: Guide users to landing pages that are consistent with the ad’s message and the audience’s intent. 

Overall, this strategy emphasizes a human-centered approach, focusing on the lifestyle and needs of the audience. It aims to increase engagement and conversions with more cost-effective solutions. This method is designed to provide a consistent and personalized user experience, ensuring a higher return on your investment. 

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