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Why & how marketing data + personalization will drive your growth?

Find an element of change — yes, a marketing ninja!

You must invest in clever team members to drive your business. To be clear, these members are not analysts, fancy data scientists or growth hackers but just smart data-driven marketers. Let’s be frank, it’s a rare profile. From our experience, we only see them (“ninjas”) 7-10% of the time, 20-23% of wannabes and the rest are incompetent or overwhelmed. 

Within an organization, the teams are silo’ed (e.g. CRM, Acquisition, Affiliates, Email, Social Media), so you need to have element of change that unify and challenge the status quo. The “pope of Google Analytics”, Avinash Kaushik, says it very well. “Invest 10% in the tools, 90% in the resources to analyze the performance”.

User vs. product focus, it’s the key!

Yes, it’s all about selling products but it’s not how you convince shoppers! Educating your team members to understand is most critical, you need to shift their thinking or culture from product to user.

Basically, you challenge them about creating scenarios where you map a content associated to a micro-conversion. What if they don’t do it? Which content are you triggering? We started NextUser like that for Freemium products. See the diagram below.

You need to think about the small steps driving to the macro-conversion. This will automatically require your team to think more holistically in terms of tools (e.g. customer journey, integrated channels).

To do so, we like the framework suggested by Ovum to gauge your “Customer Experience Maturity”. Jeremy Cox characterized the correlation between a firm’s organizational coherence and its ability to remain relevant and deliver a compelling customer experience. The research demonstrates that less than 3% of companies have reached the ultimate level of maturity and 97% can think twice!

Mapping content to each segment and retarget abandoners

Showing is convincing! This is the strategy that you need to adopt. At NextUser, prior the client onboarding, we create a Google Analytics study of 60 to 100 pages. The idea is to show them how to associate the right content directly from a segment to personalize by triggers rather than doing mass marketing. You must leverage existing data to identify key areas of opportunity, size it and clarify path & timing to revenue.

It helps you to assess key areas of their business, identify key insights (challenges / opportunities) and extrapolate key recommendations for action, etc.

Then, these learnings should be translated into scenario (or workflow) recommendations to develop an effective, high-impact roadmap. This offers you the opportunity to see the strategy and establish an action for your team with measurable results. 

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